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Find EVA Air Flights to Austria

Traveling to Austria

Known for its snow-covered mountains and spectacular palaces, Austria is a crossroads where Western Europe and Eastern Europe meet. Considered the winter sports capital of Europe, the majestic Austrian Alps dominate the landscape with their snow-covered peaks and tranquil valleys. Austria's historic cities and villages number among Europe's oldest with Hallstatt being founded around 5000 B.C. Austria produces some of the world's top-scoring wines. Fly EVA Air to Austria and enjoy world-class service and luxury!

What to do in Austria

Vienna (VIE), the capital of Austria and its most populous city, is a cultural, economic and political hub. Officially founded by the Romans, Vienna's roots stretch back to the late Palaeolithic era. Visit the Natural History Museum's refined palaces and see the Venus of Willendorf and other famous artefacts. Immerse yourself in the music of Vienna, including Hadyn, Mozart and Beethoven, at the world-renowned Vienna State Opera. See how Austrian royalty lived at the Schönbrunn Palace, the former home of the Hapsburgs, and delight in its baroque architecture. Stroll the Schönbrunn Palace's parks and gardens. Don't get lost in the hedge maze! Take a tram to the Old City, browse the high-end boutiques and sample the traditional, handmade candies. Experience the grandeur of the gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral and climb its North Tower for a spectacular view of its mosaic roof. Spend an evening savouring wiener schnitzel with an Austrian wine. Book an EVA Air flight to Austria and enjoy the extra legroom!

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